About us

Since its founding in 1985, Dallas 1 Construction & Development has passionately pursued two business objectives. The first involves maintaining our high standing within the industry while working on improving our market share and expanding into other markets in need of the services we provide. This is business as usual for almost any company.


However, the pursuit of our second objective places us in the rare position of pursuing business as unusual. At Dallas 1 Construction & Development, we believe that spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering in the lives of people in the areas in which we live and work is just as important as pursuing positive revenue growth or corporate expansion.


This second objective is not something we pursue as the result of a corporate directive. Instead, the passion for ministering to others permeates our corporate culture because our employees believe it is important.


As a company, we are proud of the efforts of our people to make a difference not only through their hard work and dedication to the projects we are contracted to complete but also through their heartfelt commitment to helping those in need. When those two “people” elements come together, it creates a great company with a great culture. We are blessed to be that kind of company.


Being that type of company requires a rigorous routine of continual process improvement. This means finding new ways of increasing the value of what we do for our clients while ensuring that our high standards of quality workmanship are met. This means investing in the development and training of our people. And it means increasing our share of the marketplace.


Ultimately, the leadership of this company is committed to accomplishing all these things in a manner consistent with the values and operating principles on which this company was founded.