Woodfield Waterset Apartments

City-Wide Meter, Hydrant, Valve Installation, and Replacement Contract 18-C-0030 – various locations throughout the City of Tampa, FL

The City of Tampa Annual Water Contract is bid every three years and the awarded bidder can renew for up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods with both parties agreeing.to continue the bonded contract. Dallas 1 complies with the City of Tampa’s Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprise Program and has developed many lasting business relationships. 

Dallas 1 Construction & Development has been blessed to have had a City of Tampa Annual Water Contract almost consistently for over 30 years. 

This particular Contract 18-C-0030 was awarded on October 18, 2018, with a Notice to Proceed of December 20, 2018, and then renewed for the second year. Dallas 1 will continue working under our Contract for the currently available contract funding. Due to the future infrastructure improvements and needs, the City of Tampa is going to adjust the scope of work for the Contract and put it back out for bid. 

The project comprises furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment for installing water mains and appurtenances ranging in size from 2-inch to 16-inch diameter including concrete masonry, curbs, and sidewalks; paving, landscaping, grouting, brick street construction, with all associated work required for a complete project in accordance with the Contract Documents. Work Orders are issued for both Major Projects and Emergency Projects. Within the last five years, alone Dallas 1 has installed over 25 miles of water main and completed over 750 emergency repairs. 

This Contract is currently under supervision by Assistant Project Manager, Stephen Chappelle, along with Foreman, Nate Spivey, and his crew in the field performing the scope of work.

When the adjusted Contract bid is published, Dallas 1 will bid on the new Contract in hopes of being able to continue our strong working relationship that Dallas 1 and the City of Tampa have developed over the many years.